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Posted by on Jul 12, 2012 in Companies |

Steve Ballmer denies that Microsoft has had a ‘lost decade’

Steve Ballmer denies that Microsoft has had a 'lost decade'

(CC) Dell’s Official Flickr Page

CEO Steve spoke in an interview with Forbes magazine noted the criticism that Microsoft had a ‘ lost decade ‘in relation to its competition in the area of technology, Apple and Google.

“There has been a lost decade for me! Finally progress is measured through the eyes of users, rather than our investors or financial projections. We have 1,300 million people using PCs today. There was a time in the nineties we were never sure they would sell 100 million PCs a year, while this year only 375 million units sold. Is it a lost decade? “Said Ballmer.

The CEO said that Microsoft is characterized by daring to place bets as the Xbox and Bing, which according to Ballmer “is a search engine that delivers more relevant results than Google, and their partnership with Facebook is a social tool but,” and said the next Windows 8 will also be a challenging choice because they are completely reimagining its main product.

Ballmer also had words of Bill Gates, saying he misses working closely to his side, but still shares almost daily mails with him about ideas to improve Microsoft products.

Ballmer also talked to Steve Jobs, noting that it is still a significant presence in the industry within the meaning of good work that Apple continues to make, and it feels like an ongoing challenge for Microsoft: “It’s always great when you have a lot of people autoexigiéndose to make things better, make things better and take users to new and better ways, “said the CEO.

Link: Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer Talks About Windows 8, Bill Gates and Steve Jobs – and Why Microsoft’s Lost Decade Is A Myth. (Forbes)

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