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Posted by on Oct 26, 2012 in Hardware, Software |

Steve Ballmer not ruling that Microsoft make more hardware

Steve Ballmer not ruling that Microsoft make more hardware

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The appearance of the has caused concern: This is the first time makes a device that will run Windows. The company had limited their forays into the hardware to the Xbox, Kinect and some equipment – like the forgotten Kin – who disappeared shortly after birth.

However, the Surface is not exceptional. “Is it fair to say that we will do more hardware? Obviously we will … Where we see significant opportunities to establish a new standard, yes, we will, “said the firm’s CEO, told the BBC.

Manufacturers, Microsoft partners so far, have not taken this decision of the company in the best way . Rumors currently suggest that the company would attempt to launch its own phone.

Ballmer also dismissed the competing devices, which currently provides equipment like the Nexus 7 Asus and Google, Amazon Kindle Fire HD, Samsung Galaxy Tab or the new Apple iPad.

“There is no device on the market as the Surface. Others have done a great job, good for them. But if you want a device that is the only thing you need for work and play, that you can simply take, and where you actually do what you need (…) there is nothing like the Surface with 8, “he said.

Ballmer stressed that this is a time “epic” for Microsoft, saying it “is among the two or three great moments in the company, including Windows 95 and the launch of the IBM PC . We really started in this new era of computing where mobile, cloud, come to life with Windows 8. “

Link: Microsoft’s Steve Ballmer has plans for more hardware (BBC)

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