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Posted by on Jun 19, 2012 in Gadgets, Hardware |

Steve Ballmer says that Surface was no surprise to PC makers

Steve Ballmer says that Surface was no surprise to PC makers

Maybe the new Microsoft Surface you liked or you have seemed bad. But beyond the functionality, look or usefulness of the device, there is something important to the company in ads yesterday: For the first time, will produce hardware for your operating system, Windows.

is not new in the hardware world, has plenty of experience doing peripherals such as mice and keyboards, plus Kinect and Xbox. But they had never made your own PC. would become the first bet in this regard. The idea must not have liked among the traditional partners of the company manufacturers.

To calm the waters, Ballmer told All Things D Surface “is an important partner in the history of 8. It is an important piece, but not the only piece.”

According to Microsoft CEO, will also sell the equipment manufactured by other companies. Although we worked with great secrecy in the production of Surface, Ballmer said that manufacturers should not be surprised by the announcement. “Our partners knew in advance that pc would announce something like this,” he said.

How did this ad? Ballmer said simply, “no comment”.

The CEO noted that Surface allows people to think of new things, “lights the fuse for more innovation around Windows 8 and brings new technologies to the Windows PC platform.”

Some of the interesting things is that Ballmer referred to Surface like a PC again, that is, as a replacement notebook we’re currently using, and not as an extra device that we have to have, as with the current tablets . That is, who has a today, also have a PC and a smartphone. Apparently the idea is that if we have a Surface, we are simply that and the smartphone.

Link: CEO Ballmer on Microsoft’s Surface WHERE fist in tablet PC ecosystem (AllThingsD)

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