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Steve Jobs had in mind the idea of the iPad and the App Store since 1983

Steve Jobs had in mind the idea of the iPad and the App Store since 1983

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In 1983 gave a talk to a small audience in Aspen, United States, in the International Design Conference . The theme of this year had the accurate name of “The future is not what it used to be.” The talk was just released in June this year and was unknown even to the author of his official biography.

However, the recording released in June amounted to only 20 minutes of the speech as prepared, which until now were missing the 40 minutes of questions and answers with the audience . This audio ( available on SoundCloud ) contains a lot of comments about the future Steve Jobs where you can glimpse the original ideas that led him to build the iPad or the AppStore.

“The strategy is very simple Appe. What we want to do is put a computer in an amazing book you can carry with you and learn to use it in 20 minutes. That we want to do for this decade. And we want to do with a ‘radio link’ to not have to connect to anything but keep communication with these large databases and other computers, “Jobs said in 1983.

He also said that “one of these days, when we all have laptops with radios tucked in, you walk around town and you will receive your messages”, and spoke of his plans that end up being the App Store, where part describing the long process of putting software on a disk, distribute it, and then install it on a user’s computer.

“What we do is convey all that information electronically through the telephone line. Then, when you go to buy software, I send tones over the phone line to transmit that information directly between computers.

That if he thought the software model similar to broadcasting, which offers songs ‘sample’. His idea was to digitally distribute this software offer functional samples for a short period of time (something I have not done the App Store). “I do not know how we do, but we need a station ‘Radio’ for software,” Jobs said.

Among other things, it also was clear that although at the time a person used only comptador, “will not be long before we can have a community of interconnected users, because ultimately, the computers will be a tool for communication” were predicting that five years of networking an office, and between 10 and 15 years of households connected to a network.

Link: This Lost Speech from 1983 That Will Make You Think Was Steve Jobs from the Future (

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