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Posted by on Jun 19, 2013 in Hardware, Venture |

Steve Jobs talks about his legacy in a video unreleased 1994

Steve Jobs talks about his legacy in a video unreleased 1994

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What is the of Steve Jobs? Many say that without Jobs, will not work. The truth is that the same co-founder of Apple is speaking of how the future of their products in a 1994 interview, when he was still at NeXT.

In less than two minutes Jobs says that all the work he has done so far will become obsolete when they turn 50. From the Apple I, to the was to become obsolete in the early nineties, Jobs says the field (technology) is not similar to others like the arts where a painting or a church are admired for centuries.

This is a field where one does become obsolete in ten years and will not really usable. It’s kind of sediment layers; like building a mountain where you contribute in each layer of sedimentary rock to make the largest mountain. None of those who are in the top layers will not have X-ray vision Only a geologist appreciate your work.

It’s not like the Renaissance, is very different.

The video is an excerpt from the interview of 60 minutes selling Silicon Valley Historical Association . In this off two videos where Jobs says how people do not get the things because he never asks for help or where it says that it is feasible to build our life instead of living under the preconceived scheme.

If you are fans of Apple, the interview titled Steve Jobs: Visionary Entrepreneur is available in digital download at a cost of USD $ 14.99 (video) and $ 4.99 (audio).

Link: Steve Jobs on his legacy (1994) (The Loop)

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