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Posted by on Oct 3, 2012 in Companies |

Steve Wozniak discusses the current state of Apple and what you would like to change

Steve Wozniak discusses the current state of Apple and what you would like to change

(CC) VentureBeat

Steve Wozniak, the co-founder of and an estimated benchmark in the area of technology, conducted a question and answer cycle with users under 15 years of web site, where you took the time to answer many questions of professional and personal nature.

Among the questions were the lighter note asking to explain the why is Mason , what makes him happy , when was the last time you hit someone and even what their favorite joke , questions ‘Woz’ said, we assume, with his usual smile.

But he also showed his optimism about the state of the hobby industry, especially with the rise of 3D printers, which stated that recreational applications outside the scope of these devices will lead to things that we can not even anticipate,as when we started we did not imagine Apple and enough RAM to contain a song, “said Woz.

As expected, many of the questions were about the current state of Apple, the company he co-founded with Steve Jobs. For example, said he wanted to use the iTunes player from Android, it appreciates the progress that was for the Cupertino company to use your player from Windows, which meant “the beginning of the era of Apple in which we now “.

also said he would like to see fewer lawsuits: “I wish that instead of these demands, Apple sit down to negotiate cross-licensing with other industry members. They have developed many interesting things without complicating the interface, how to capture the screen by sliding the palm (as in the Galaxy S III) and I would do these things on my iPhone, no matter if someone already had them first ” .

Wozniak also said that the phone screens larger “give the impression of being more valuable” and said that was a long pending issue in the design of the new iPhone. He also claimed that the Cupertino company should start looking for more young talent to replace Jobs, just as they did when he retired in the nineties.

Finally, also thought about open systems, making it clear that while personally prefer because you can create more innovative products, also are more complex for ‘normal’ people who have a certain fear of technology.

Link: Ask Anything Steve Wozniak (Slashdot)

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