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Posted by on Jul 5, 2013 in Companies |

Steve Wozniak encouraged to Mexico to train more engineers

Steve Wozniak encouraged to Mexico to train more engineers

(Cc) flickr campuspartymexico

“The information society has also come to and there needs software to help build in our daily lives,” were the words of during their participation in the festival TagDF technology and multimedia, event which also included prominent figures such as musicians Moby and Brian Eno and director James Cameron.

Apple co-founder highlighted the potential of Mexico as a neighbor of the United States, but the rulers recommended that emphasize the teaching of the hard sciences and from basic education, a platform that will help developers create more applications, and He believes that “everything you do in life can be converted into an application.”

“When you learn this language (about engineering) also get a rational to think. Those who do so now, will be the kings of the future, “Woz addition to detailing that curricular programming and mathematics for application should be included in the current programs of the schools, without imposing, but they appear as part of the deal education.

Within the space of discourse, took time to praise the work and vision of Nicholas Negroponte, founder of the One Laptop per Child (OLPC) , without neglecting his side critical of issues that bother you and stressing that Negroponte “saw the computers reach more places you could imagine. I think even he could be a strong candidate for the Nobel Peace Prize, and he deserves even more than some Americans who have won in recent years “… Obama, you have a message …

Link: Wozniak Mexico asks more engineers (CNN Expansion)

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