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Posted by on Jun 25, 2012 in Internet |

Steve Wozniak openly expressed their support for Kim in an interview Dotcom

Steve Wozniak openly expressed their support for Kim in an interview Dotcom

A few days ago, we learned of the meeting that took Steve Wozniak, Apple co-founder and Dotcom Kim, founder of the website MegaUpload, currently charged with criminal charges for violation of copyright, in a controversial case that provides for long and precedent in legal disputes for the protection of authorship on the Internet.

Even then we knew supported Kim, however, their sympathy has now become more evident through an interview with CNET which openly attacks the legal process against and its founder:

“When governments are accused of criminal charges for illegal activities of a typical IT guy that just opens a file sharing service, or accuse him of fraud via email because he said he had eliminated files were eliminated when only links-links – to them, is evidence of how poor is the attempt to extradite him. Prosecutors are trying to take advantage of the holes or gaps. “

And according to Wozniak, MegaUpload was doing the right thing in legal terms because they had already begun the process of erasing the links pointing to content protected by copyright, prior to them being accused by the United States legally, which would then not sense because not incurred any illegal activity.

“Too bad for the U.S. government DotCom that live in New Zealand, which is better in terms of human rights, “said Woz. The Apple co-founder added that copyright infringement is wrong, “but do not let that stop the progress of the digital age.”

The seals were advised that “when you can not stop something like a bulldozer, road salt.”

Link: Steve Wozniak: I support Kim Dotcom and MegaUpload (Neowin)

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