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Posted by on Aug 6, 2012 in Internet |

Steve Wozniak says that “the cloud sucks”

(CC) Wired Photostream

wrote a new column for the website Gizmodo (after the previous one which described what was in his backpack ), which details the personal problems he had because of a failure in the cloud services as your Google Calendar and how companies can change their content without give the user the ability to “keep things running as they as they are now.”

The column is days after a reporter hackearan icloud account, which the attackers managed to erase the entire contents of your iPhone, iPhone and MacBook .

After explaining that after upgrading your Mac to one of your Mountain Lion Google calendars completely disappeared from the Internet, Woz found out that was due to a problem with the application BusyCal , who had privileges to access your Google calendar, which after upgrade OS X cleared his calendar. While the company had warned a couple of weeks before they could have problems, Wozniak believes that many people had a similar situation occur with any injury that may involve the fact.

Wozniak said that because of this, the cloud services will produce a ‘little depressed feeling’ that do not own anything that is in the cloud, and that companies do not bear the responsibility to prevent changes have unforeseen, that information is deleted or a user simply keep using the service as they want.

“Our ‘freedoms’ come of regulation. Our Constitution says that ‘(this or that group) should not do (such and such a bad thing)’. The regulation is the only way in which we own at least in part of what we entrust to the cloud. I think if the banks are regulated and must repay the money lost if we have no responsibility for the fact, why not the cloud? Is better regulate this now and not in 30 years when they will be too late “said Wozniak.

Link: Why the cloud sucks (Gizmodo)

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