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Posted by on Sep 26, 2012 in Internet |

Steve Wozniak wants to nationalize Australian

Steve Wozniak wants to nationalize Australian

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The co-founder of Apple, Steve Wozniak, said he wants to become Australian. “I like this country and I want to become a citizen,” he told the Financial Review. would have already taken steps that will allow while preserving citizenship.

The engineer traveled to recently to buy the iPhone 5 before anyone else, because of the time difference. “I intend to call myself Australian and Australian feel, and study history and become a citizen here as real as it can be,” he said.

One of the reasons that motivated him to do this are the country’s plans to install a national broadband network, NBN call, which will cost USD $35,900 million. The plan aims to connect all Australians to super-fast Internet by 2021, something which he hoped the government would transform the national economy.

Wozniak said that his California home was not connected to broadband because it considers the offer he has is a monopoly. “There is only one set of wires to connect and I will not pull strings to do something special for me,” he said. “We just do not have the political idea of bringing broadband to all persons who are within 1 mile too far,” he said in the interview.

The Australian plan aims to connect 93% of homes, schools and businesses, connecting via optical fiber, while 7% in very remote areas receive satellite service.

Link: NBN Wozniak likes so much, he’s Applying for citizenship (Australian Financial Review)

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