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Posted by on Dec 20, 2012 in Companies |

Steven Sinofsky will teach at the University of Harvard

Steven Sinofsky will teach at the University of Harvard

A month ago, Steven was head of area, one of the most important segments in the company. However, he had to leave his post after a natural given away its special character, such as extra-official indicated that Sinofsky had trouble working in teams and also had demanded the post of CEO in 2017, attitude did not sit well on Microsoft.

With this background it was difficult to take it seriously instantly in another company, so the former executive now announced via Twitter that will serve as a professor at University, specifically in business school teaching techniques for developing products, something that certainly manages to perfection. This, as supplemented by a writing time trials, so that would be taking this next step as more relaxed.

And the experience and knowledge to Sinofsky has plenty, so this last by Harvard could serve as a short break before a mid-term future, probably take another significant role in a major company.

Link: Ousted chief Steven Sinofsky Microsoft Windows’s new job? Harvard Business School teacher (The Next Web)

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