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Posted by on Jul 20, 2012 in Companies |

Still problems in Microsoft: Now Europe is investigating monopoly Windows 8

Still problems in Microsoft: Now Europe is investigating monopoly Windows 8

Things not going well for Microsoft these days: We started the week talking about an investigation that would have competition in the European Commission for not offering the option of free choice of browsers in Windows 7 , which the company recognized a few hours, and yesterday we had you for the first time in its history, Microsoft has reported losses of $492 million in the fourth quarter .

As if things were already difficult for Microsoft, do not look better in the coming days as from the have announced the start of an investigation by competition, this time against Windows 8: European antitrust operators suspect that Microsoft may be preventing the new version of its operating system, install compentencia browsers … Well, the same as investigated with Windows 7 and that the company acknowledged and attributed to a “technical failure”.

As explained representatives of the European Commission opens investigation after receiving complaints from a number of companies that accuse Microsoft of allowing only install their own browser, Internet Explorer, on devices running and Windows tablets RT processor ARM.

European officials declined to give details of which companies have made complaints .. Any ideas? Do you gamble? I remembered reading this necessarily make the complaint a couple of months ago Mozilla, which accused Microsoft of monopoly , explaining that other browsers do not have access to the same skills that will IE10 system, preventing them competitive alternatives.

Important to remember also that was not alone in this complaint: Google came out to support him publicly , and Mountain View have joined the complaint against Microsoft, stating that they have always supported “for innovation in the browser environment for all platforms, and we believe that larger competitors have made us work harder. In the end, consumers and developers benefit from more robust competition. “

Come on, that it is no secret that is the responsibility of IOS and Android … So there is no more to ask: Behind the EU research interests are and Apple? Do not be too “clever” to imagine, so I Paree a bit silly that the European authorities do not say clearly who complained about Microsoft, is not it?

Link: The EU regulators investigating Microsoft’s Windows 8 (The Economist)

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