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Posted by on Sep 2, 2012 in Hardware News |

Stock die CPU AMD Vishera

Stock AMD CPU die Vishera

Today for the second time we get an image of the of an chip, this time it’s the turn of the die (a few hours ago we received pictures of the GPU die Tahiti, Pitcairn and Cape Verde ).

Starting this week, Obrovsky, the noted critic of AMD, announced that this weekend we have some benchmarks of the future microprocessor AMD FX-8350 “Vishera” , and as a prelude to them (if it comes to the post this week, the which ends tomorrow) brings us a picture of AMD die Vishera.

The picture shows the die of Vishera (AMD FX-Series second generation) looks very similar to the microprocessor die (AMD FX-Series first generation), a detail that is not surprising, given that the changes introduced the new micro-architecture Piledriver regarding Bulldozer, very few, and are aimed at fixing the latencies and polish several areas to increase chip performance.

Stock AMD CPU die Vishera image 2

We look forward to tomorrow if it comes to light-expected first tests of AMD CPU Vishera.

Link: AMD FX-8300 die-shot (OBR Hardware)

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