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Posted by on Oct 7, 2012 in Companies |

Stratasys printers continue to sell well to create weapons, but companies

Stratasys printers continue to sell well to create weapons, but companies

This week, we learned that the printer would be used for 3D printing homemade weapons was seized , suspending the operation of the “Wiki Project Weapon” in the United States. However, this does not mean that we got rid of the ability to print 3D weapons.

According to Wired published, the company Stratasys, which manufactures printers, is currently working with major arms-producing companies, including Knight’s Company and Remington Arms. A presentation January 2010 states that one of the major selling points would be the markets’ aerospace and defense “, arguing generate closer ties with the military and defense industry.

also exposes a gun show in Las Vegas. Apparently several current guns have plastic parts that were manufactured by the company equipment. However, that does not mean that the company can sell to individuals. For the seizure, the company argued that Cody Wilson, the subject behind the project, did not have a license as a weapons manufacturer.

Despite this, U.S. manufacturing is legal (but not sell) homemade weapons. Wilson said he did not intend to sell the gun, but to create a prototype and share plans online for anyone to do at home (if you have access to one of these printers).

There is a law in this country that can be outlawed weapons thus produced, which criminalizes the guns that can not be detected at an airport, for example, because they are metals, but excluding prototypes for agencies like the CIA.

This could mean that the CIA has undetectable plastic guns, and weapons manufacturers are producing guns in this way, but not marketed, but are stored.

Anyway, 3D printers to create weapons are a dangerous new stage that perhaps not many envisioned when he appeared this technology. The companies find it convenient because it is faster and easier to create prototypes, and accelerate the production because of parts. At the same time, is a technology that slowly is being massing and coming to homes where we could print anything. Stratasys stopped Cody Wilson’s plan, but there is no guarantee that in the future be possible to download a map and print something that can be lethal.

Link: 3D printer company sells to gun companies, but not desktop weponeers (Wired)

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