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Posted by on Dec 4, 2012 in Internet |

Studies asked Google to censor legitimate sites of his films

Studies asked Google to censor legitimate sites of his films

War of the movie studios and record labels against piracy has reached absurd levels well in recent times, including confiscation of the laptop for a 9 year old girl , using the minutes DMCA to remove negative reviews , or request for censure the BBC, Wikipedia or the U.S. government for allegedly infringing the copyright.

This is possible thanks to the Digital Millennium Act (DMCA), implemented in 1998, which allows companies to notify owners of other enterprise content material that infringes on the copyright, so that it is locked. Over time, companies developed automated systems with robots, seeking keywords and automatically report any content that fits what we were looking for.

The problem is that complaints are absurd: In recent months, studios have requested that remove their results official Facebook page of its artists, the Wikipedia entries for their content, and movie reviews for films published in newspapers.

Google began publishing in May this year all notifications it receives, where you can watch this nonsense. TorrentFreak created a list of the “best of the worst.” Some gems:

  • Called for the elimination Lionsgate links to his film “Cabin in the Woods” of sites that sell such as Amazon, iTunes and Blockbuster.
  • 20th Century Fox asked eliminate the Wikipedia entry for “Family Guy.” Also asked to remove the official “How I Met Your Mother” on CBS television, which broadcasts the show in the U.S.
  • Sony filed a request to remove links to illegal copies of “The Other Guys”, however, sent the links to be blocked no items in MegaUpload case CNET, Wired and Forbes, among others.
  • Disney requested block illegal copies of “Cinderella”, but the links between the site requested block the BBC children having children’s stories, and sites that have nothing to do with Cinderella, as one of The Flintstones.

Google not followed exactly these requirements, minimizing possible damage, although it would be interesting to see what happens when you block it the official Facebook page to one of your groups or their films on their own request. TorrentFreak list highlights a problem that has been going for some time: It seems that the automatic DMCA notices are out of control.

Several changes have been proposed, involving studies fines content by request locks that are not illegal and have no relation to what are supposed to be trying to block, so as to be more careful when sending this type requirements.

Link: Movie Studios Ask Google To Censor Their Own Films, Facebook and Wikipedia (TorrentFreak)

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