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Posted by on Aug 29, 2012 in Entertainment, Social Networks |

Study: 62% of people use social networks while watching TV

Study: 62% of people use social networks while watching TV

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62% of people who watch in the world while using social networks, according to a by Ericsson [ PDF ]. The figure implies an increase of 18% over the last year study.

At the same time, the document indicates that there are more women who engage in this behavior (69%) than men (62%). However, men are more likely to talk about what they are seeing, while women seem to read what’s on the other or comment on other things. In total, 25% of those who watch TV and use at the same time is spent discussing what they are seeing.

According to this study, which motivates this action is the need not to do the program alone, gain a sense of community, validated to others, curious about the opinions of others, seek additional information, interact with the content, need to analyze or discuss the issue, etc..

An important part of this action depends on mobile devices, since according to the study, 67% of people who watch TV and use social networks simultaneously using a smartphone, tablet or laptop.

It was also concluded that television “on demand” is becoming something massive – 60% of respondents watch movies or series in the time they want in the week. The study also notes that people attach great importance to the content in HD, one of the main reasons why they would be willing to pay.

The study also notes that the legal options to watch content made piracy less attractive. “The data suggest that those who resort to because the content do they chose simply not available through legal sources. Legal services are preferred because they are easy to use and offer secure content and quality assured, “says the document.

“Most people prefer to paid media, provided they offer a wide selection of new and old content at attractive prices that are easy to see through the screen of their choice,” he adds.

The study was conducted through surveys in the U.S., UK, China, Spain, Taiwan, Sweden, Brazil, South Korea, Mexico, Chile, Italy and Germany.

Link: TV and Video (Ericsson ConsumerLab)

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