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Posted by on Jul 24, 2012 in Science |

Study: Chewing gum is good for the brain

Study: Chewing gum is good for the brain

This is one of those items that could show pride for their mothers and grandmothers. One study showed that (gum) has positive effects on the brain, even to help students get better grades on tests.

The psychologist Serge Onyper of St. Lawrence University in the United States, claims to have in your mouth for at least 5 minutes is sufficient to improve in humans up to 20 minutes.

How did it come to these conclusions? Onyper worked with a group of 224 college students who were tested at different levels of cognitive complexity. The youths were divided into three groups so that some chewed gum for 5 minutes before testing, others for a consideration and the rest had to leave out the candy.

What was observed is that those who chewed gum 5 minutes before starting the tests were profitable and that its results were better, but it was clarified that the time is very limited, 15 to 20 minutes maximum. Who chewing continued throughout evidence and had no further improvement. It is believed that the is too much chewing gum and think about the problems at once.

The truth is that neither has been very clear as is that chewing gum helps improve brain performance, believe it has something to do with putting the jaw in motion, but not totally sure.

Now you know, have a challenging exam, a job interview, they need to invent an excuse for coming home late only be 5 minutes before chewing gum, of course, will not always forget to charge it in your pocket.

Note: The study does not mention if the breath rubber, fruits, bubaloo, motitia, chewing gum or any specific brand.

Link: Chewing gum improves brain performance (Zocalo)

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