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Posted by on Oct 15, 2012 in Science |

Study: Eggs define your personality

Study: Eggs define your personality

I know what you are thinking but do not go around. This study refers to poultry feed produced by hens. Everyone knows that the egg is one of the most consumed foods daily, whether with ham, fried, boiled, beans, bacon and potatoes, etc., But they did not know is that the way in which eat egg apparently defines your personality.

British experts say that personality is closely linked to taste that one has for their eggs, for example, a person who likes preferential (or poached) always tend to be more outgoing, sociable and prefer to listen to music in general implies, are happier.

Those who prefer eggs tend to be more disorganized, those who order eggs (dashed) are people with higher libido than others and those who opt for a good omelette (tortilla) are usually self-disciplined.

This study was conducted over 1,000 adults in England who answered a questionnaire that included questions about their lifestyle, habits, family, personality and of course, how they prefer to eat their eggs.

Other fun facts show that people who prefer the poached eggs (poached) has 2 or more children, no more than a brother or sister and they are mostly women. Cooked eggs (hard) are consumed mostly by people careless and impulsive and fried eggs are favorites of young men and experts in any field.

Senior executives prefer scrambled eggs and fans housekeeping prefer omelette (tortilla).

Do any of you fall into the above groups? I have no problem in eating scrambled or poached or omelette, in fact, the omelet is my favorite but I can not say I’m a neat person.

Link: Your taste for eggs (food) … defines your personality (experts say) (Sexenio Nuevo Leon)

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