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Posted by on Jun 24, 2013 in Science |

Study finds that aerosol pollution creates more hurricanes

Study finds that aerosol pollution creates more hurricanes

(Cc) Kakela / Flickr

According to a study published by researchers from the National Weather Service Met Office, the aerosol air pollution may have caused a reduction in the frequency of storms and hurricanes over the past century.

The researchers found that aerosols cause the clouds are brighter, making that reflect the sun’s energy into space. Consequently this affects the temperature of the ocean and tropical circulation patterns causing fewer favorable conditions for a hurricane.

After examining more than 200 years of data of pollution and storms, the revealed that the increase in the number of in recent years is related to the decrease of aerosol concentrations. Replicating this model the researchers were able to reproduce the variability in hurricane activity in the Atlantic Ocean in recent decades.

If we could have more hurricanes in the future, the fact that the reduction of pollutants carries a benefit for humans.

Link: Atlantic hurricane numbers ‘linked to Industrial pollution’ (via The Verge )

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