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Posted by on Aug 17, 2012 in Science |

Study: Gaming Products can be filtered using the mind thoughts

Study: Gaming Products can be filtered using the mind thoughts

For some time sold devices that play video games allow sending commands from our brains, equipment such as COPD, also used to help disabled people . Although they can be very useful, a group of scientists discovered that connect our to a machine can cause some of our thoughts are filtered with commands sent without us noticing.

Researchers at the University of Berkeley, Oxford and Genoa had a paper that would show a dark side of these technologies to the future where brain waves can be used to manipulate computers. In the study, there was a guy of 28 years using one of these devices, manufactured by companies like Emotiv Neurosky or gaming, and investigators could find clues about private Information from brain electrical signals, such as the location of their houses, faces of known people, and even the key card.

The researchers showed first on your subject using the device a series of images of objects and numbers to measure how it is a time when the person recognizes something in your data electroencephalogram (EEG). This moment is known as a “response P300″, which is reflected as a higher power that appears around 300 milliseconds after the stimulus was was recognized.

The researchers then showed the user a series of images and test numbers and sought those signals. In a group of unfamiliar faces, for example, the recognition signal appeared with a picture of Barack Obama. When confronted with places on a map, the user was giving clues and 60% of the cases revealed the first where her house, when I had to choose between 10 options. They were then asked to memorize users a number of four digits, and then were shown a series of random numbers. The researchers were able to guess the number memorized the first 30%. Not the best but it is more likely to try without any data.

Scientists suggest that this could be used by malicious developers, whose goal was to learn as much as possible to the user through a “brain spyware.” The software was intentionally designed to detect private information, such as camouflage in a game. The challenge that the application would make the user think of what the attacker wants you to think.

Mental devices are still very little used so far in this kind of risk is low. However, if massified, such attacks might be possible. In addition, as technology improves and mind reading becomes more accurate, would become more difficult to separate the information of the commands conscious.

Link: ‘Mind Control’ brain data leak gaming devices Researchers guess That help users’ secrets (Forbes)

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