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Posted by on Jun 5, 2012 in Internet |

Study: generation of “Digital Natives” do not knows how to use Internet

I do not know if some remember when our respective mothers used to make comments like “is that children are wide awake now,” “In our time we did not do those things,” “They have a facility for computer impressive.” These comments usually referred to us who have grown and matured along with technology, our Generation went from not having internet, to have a luxury internet cost internet as a basic need. The same applies to many other technologies: CRT to LCD monitor and then LED, 4GB of HDD space on your PC until you get to 4TB of space, from CD to Blu-Ray and the list goes on.

For this reason our generation appreciate what you have and are aware of the limitations of the past and what can be achieved to do in the future, but does not go well with the new generations born with broadband, and high definition ultrabooks . Children assume now that technology has always been so and believe that by spending the entire day on Facebook and get Google and know how everything works.

Give them their credit, many of today’s children learned to use the Internet alone and do not do anything wrong, but not enough to gauge the power of the tool in their hands (though there are adults who do not understand the power of the internet .) But not the fault of the children, the reality is that no one teaches them how to use technology correctly and in most cases teachers do not have the knowledge necessary to teach young people.

In a test applied to Latin American youth age 15 revealed that a large number are unable to use the computer and the Internet, most young people do not know how to locate and interpret information, for example, in Colombia 7 of 10 students can not interpret the information, while in Chile are 4 in 10.

The boys seek information about their work with Google and stay with the big league throws them the form, not even bother to read what appears to them, copy, paste into Word and print. So when handed the task most of the group has exactly the same and worse, do not understand the topic you are talking about. 80% of youth sailing alone or with friends, 15% do so with a parent or a teacher to guide them.

The problem of education is very similar to regular education and who are more affluent children who have a better understanding of the technology. Teachers are the most expensive schools that have the tools to teach the new generations.

In Argentina, for example, 68% of students use the Internet to chat on Facebook and Twitter, only 34% use it for homework and 33% for watching videos. In parallel, 83% of teachers have not used a PC for educational purposes and the most common reason for this is lack of equipment they can use.

The new challenge is to educate this generation that was born with the computer under his arm, but it knows what to do with it and as additional bonus of difficulty, we must provide teachers with the technology and knowledge to convey to students .

Link: Generation 2.0: born and grew up with the PC, but fail to take advantage (Virtual Congress on Education)

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