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Posted by on May 29, 2012 in Companies |

Study: In Spain missing ICT professionals

Study: In Spain missing ICT professionals

cc @ Michael_Connors

Looking for employment? According to a study by, a specialized in the sector, in Spain there are more jobs unfilled to qualified professionals in Information Technology and Communication (ICT) … Point the tip!

We have long known that this sector is the largest moves in finding employment and that is the future … and the present. So why does this happen? According, 60% of the jobs call for a mid-level degree or higher, while enrollment in careers that are related to ICT have been reduced by 40% since 2004. And on current projections, enrollments continue to decline.

What demands more professional? Programmers in Java/J2EE, Unix, Oracle and As if you’re deciding what to study or retrain in which area can be a good thing.

Of course, in this job, like most, also calling experience: In particular 34.5% of the offers that appear on this site ask job experience three to five years, and 33% of the jobs and the request of five to ten years.

So why do they want people to enroll and study more long runs, whether through lack of experience will be very difficult for hire? Or why are not mentally preparing to charge a decent wage until they pass a few years?

Apparently so, because in the same study show that precisely the experience required of candidates, recent graduates have a hard time and therefore their salaries are similar to “salary grant the same level as 10 years ago.” And we think we’re talking about one of the sectors that have further.

No doubt this is the result of the “crisis”: The more people you offer for a position, more requirements enterprises demand. In my view, at least in other sectors, it is important to develop the work that studies are carried out … What do you think?

Now, maybe the ICT companies require college, masters and experienced but these professionals pay all that worth? Or perhaps you are not qualified professionals as they want because these after assessing working conditions and wages prefer to start their own project?

Let’s see who you are ICT professionals, or students or know the situation closely … What do you think?

Link: The offer of employment in the ICT sector in Spain is not covered (Europa Press)

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