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Study indicates that Apple fans are maturing

Study indicates that Apple fans are maturing

It was assumed that the most adept at as a brand were at an age range between 18 and 34 years, but apparently these fans have grown and matured … and are just fans. A new study indicate that most fans of the brand on the block has an average age greater than a few years ago.

The measurement system is simple. BrandIndex has an index measuring people’s enthusiasm for a product or a brand based on “noise” to make their users, separated into different age categories. Last year, when he Siri and iPhone 4S, the noise generated by users in the range of 35 years of age increased to almost double (25 to 48 points), while the group aged 18 to 34 years single scored 35 points below the more mature users.

Therefore, the study concludes that the new and somewhat controversial ad Apple is not so out of place, because it focuses just on that new majority target audience, you may need more help to use their products which are slightly younger.

In BrandIndex explain that since last May, the group of users over 35 years and had been showing greater interest in the Apple brand, reaching the peak in October with the launch of the iPhone 4S. Just the opposite, after July 2011 the group of users between 18 and 34 has decreased their numbers on the scoreboard, which would indicate that the demographic of fans of Apple is changing.

Maybe in the future call fanboy of Apple fans to be a compliment to them, given their age.

Link: Apple Genius Ads (BrandIndex)

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