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Posted by on May 28, 2012 in Uncategorized |

Study: nerds are no longer looked bad in the U.S.

Study: nerds are no longer looked bad in the U.S.

Modis, associated with the employer company SA, announced the results of an interesting survey showing that people in the is looking at the “geeks”, “nerds” or small computer with different eyes, specifically with a more positive which associates the success and intelligence rather than “losers” or as social rejects are often stereotyped.

Because as consulted, 51% of respondents believe that are professionally successful, this compared to 31% seen in the same question last year. In addition, 54% are considered “extremely intelligent”, a figure which rose 9% over the previous period.

What happened? As explained, there was a generational change and the tribe of “nerds” now has greater visibility, not only because of its obvious economic and industrial achievements , but also by characters who have helped to transform the public, with and as major icons to be “geek” no longer means being alone, wearing big glasses and have socially inappropriate clothing.

Link: They’re Here. They’re Geeks. Get Used To It (Huffington Post)

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