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Posted by on Jun 1, 2012 in Social Networks |

Style Manual AP includes guidance on the use of social networks

Style Manual AP includes guidance on the use of social networks

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All the world’s media have a guide that standardizes certain editorial standards of spelling and grammar, as well as procedures related to managing and disseminating news.

The manual of style or Stylebook news agency is considered a best seller worldwide each year and updating them far exceeds the two million copies sold.

In this new edition, launched last May 30 were updated more than 270 points, among which include a chapter for fashion news coverage and a complete section on use of social networks.

The manual of over 500 pages, source of study for communicators and media guide for many looking to standardize their content, consolidated the inclusion of social networking resource for obtaining information as to its proper dissemination, marking a trend to strengthen these platforms as one of the most prominent in the information chain.

Although the AP was one of the first to talk about in their style manual, 2010, was widely criticized last year by banning their journalists retuitear content of opinion, even if they did from their accounts personal.

Link: Associated Press Stylebook Gets New Social Media (huffingtonpost)

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