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Posted by on Jun 9, 2012 in Gadgets, Hardware, Software |

Summary of all the technology fair Computex 2012

Summary of all the technology fair Computex 2012

All week long fair held 2012, event where major manufacturers and assemblers of devices showcased their latest innovations, whether they launched to market products or overlooking previsa of technologies that are ready to be released in the showcases.

Traditionally this event is loaded into the hardware side, ie, components and accessories for PCs strange, though this is the exception. However, it was also the opportunity for some manufacturers disclose devices targeted towards the area of general consumers, and in this respect were high profile ultra-thin notebooks (Ultrabooks) and a computer class that looks to the future: hybrids.

But there was everything and more to put into words, it is best to check in detail everything you saw:

Portable hybrid or convertible

No doubt the format that has been this year. It consists of an ultra-thin with Windows 8 and able to transform into a tablet or notebook, as required by the user. The touch screen allows you to use Windows interface 8 in Metro, while if we make a can write to the physical keyboard available and to connect a traditional mouse to navigate the desktop environment in the operating system, that we’re all used to .

Computex was the occasion for some manufacturers mostrasen their aprontes to these devices, however, with the Microsoft platform to be released officially only in October this year, probably in that time we will see a full range of equipment in this class.


It was an important week for these ultra-thin notebooks, with companies showing their offer and in some cases, innovate a little, compared to a catalog that so far remains limited in models and has much to do to fulfill the promise of Intel of extending this platform.

Is it more important? Gigabyte team who introduced himself as the world’s thinnest and other designs that include touch screen.

pc Video Cards

Here we specialized field, as is customary at Computex. For and chips for computers have always been important in the market, especially in the enthusiast, so we always see ads interesting and exotic releases on the subject.

Notably absent were the two brands that design chips: AMD and NVIDIA, leaving manufacturers and assemblers the task of showing developments in the field, emphasizing only the entrance of the NVIDIA GeForce GTX 680M and a small fix that AMD made their model Radeon HD 7750.

Desktops and notebooks

Rather than traditional PCs, which drew attention was the entry of new formats, innovative and trend-setting. In this sense, all-in-one sought to renew itself and on the other hand, still going strong mini-computers, those that fit in the palm of the hand, perform well and consume very little power.

PC motherboards

Expected more in this direction, with greater coverage of manufacturers for the new sockets and the introduction of new technologies. Perhaps there is little to be done in this area rather than adopt the latest standards and therefore, releases are not as showy as those of who spin in the air or video cards capable of completing a game on their own.

Accessories and Gadgets

There is something for the pocket and in this sense, USB 3.0 was the technology to take advantage as regards to launch accessories. The standard comes slowly and now it was also shown, with few companies offer new products, but something was.

Emerging Technologies

Here we have two important elements. First, Intel’s efforts to enter the mobile market, odyssey that began long ago with the release of his Medfield platform for smartphones. And second, the Brazos 2.0 AMD system for notebooks, which integrates the central processor and graphics chip in one package (APU), delivering good performance in both directions, with modest power consumption allows for better battery life and a price that reaches to the assemblers (HP, Dell, etc) premiere low-cost equipment.

Other PC components

RAM, solid state drives (SSD), some processors and some tools to provide better functionality to computers. A mixture of news releases and fall into the category of “everything else”, but are a must for those who know and know about technologies like DDR3, WiDi and Thunderbolt, protocol for data transfer that seeks to give competition to USB 3.0 .

Mobile Devices

Trade shows and events for the launch of and smartphones there in droves, however, served Computex to see a couple of technologies that will star as manufacturers launch new devices in the future. In this regard stresses the internal platform with AMD processor and integrated graphics (APU) that is designed for PCs, however, shows signs of wanting to enter the world of the tablets.

Moreover, Texas Instruments (TI) tested its hardware architecture based on ARM OMAP running Windows RT, first version of the operating system for ARM processors used and intended to take the tablet market in the near future, so it is important to look at what IT does, Nvidia and Qualcomm in this regard.

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