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Posted by on Jun 29, 2012 in Science |

Survey says that there may be water on Mars

Survey says that there may be water on Mars

Apparently there is evidence indicating the existence of water stored in the subsurface of Mars, which would definitely make possible the colonization of the planet (in the event that someone wants to try).

The study by Mars Express and Mars Reconnaissance Orbiter NASA investigated Martian craters in the area known as Terra Tyrrhena and found that the rocks in the walls of the crater had the presence of minerals that form only when water is present.

The investigators speculate that the water levels in the crust ranging between 70 and 300 million parts per million of water, which is a very similar to the mantle. In other words, are signs that there could be scientific water under the crust of Mars. Note that these meteorites are being talked of volcanic origin, indicating that comes from deep within the planet.

If the calculations and theory are true, this would imply that below the surface is water, lots of water waiting to be found by us, but of course, no one knows how deep you are, could be 20 meters or 2 kilometers.

This is not the first time that water is found in the planet, and NASA had ever found water particles through the Land Rover, but nothing as strong as what is explained here. In order to test this theory would be feasible to think that Mars may have supported life under the surface, it may do so again in the future.

Link: Surprise! Mars is full of water (ABC Spain)

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