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Sweden tops the index of Internet Berners-Lee, Chile has the first in Latin America

Sweden tops the index of Internet Berners-Lee, Chile has the first in Latin America

The World Wide Foundation created a “Board Index”, which attempts to measure the growth and impact of use on people and countries. The study was conducted in 61 countries, incorporating indicators relating to political, economic and social impact of the web, as well as connectivity and infrastructure.

The study was led by Tim Berners-Lee, creator of the WWW, and its conclusions found that is the country that takes greater advantage of the Internet, surpassing all other countries studied. Furthermore, only 1 in 3 people in the world use the web, a figure that drops to 1 in 6 in Africa.

“The price of connectivity something is holding billions of people to achieve their right to knowledge and participation. The costs have come down dramatically, “said Berners-Lee to Reuters .

The “top 10″ of countries that use the web better is:

Place Country Points
1 Sweden 100
2 U.S. 97.31
3 United Kingdom 93.83
4 Canada 93.42
5 Finland 91.88
6 Switzerland 90.49
7 NZ 89.15
8 Australia 88.44
9 Norway 87.76
10 Ireland 87.42

In Latin America, Chile ranked first (19 in the full list), one position on Japan. According to the study, the country has made great strides in improving access and content, indicating that more than half of the population have access to the web, which compares with 36% who had access in 2007.

Mexico is next, ranked 22nd in the list. The study indicates that “their best scores are in the area of web content and use, as well as political impact.” Other countries surveyed were Argentina (38th), Venezuela (40) and Ecuador (43).

In the case of Venezuela, the study warns that analyzed rates have declined since 2007, with the exception of web content. “The area has seen the steepest decline is ‘political impact’. A likely explanation is Hugo Chavez’s control over the government and limits on press freedoms. In 2010, the Venezuelan parliament formally approved tighter regulation on the Internet, “says the document.

It also indicates that the rates of internet and broadband “are below average for Latin America, which is surprising considering that Venezuela’s GDP per capita is the highest in the region.”

Friends of Spain were in 18th place, a place of Chile. If you live in America and your country is not mentioned, is because it was not measured in the study.

Berners-Lee said at the end of the document to make better use of web is not only more systems for people to communicate. “It is about building platforms that are responsible, so the debate is based on real dialogue between people who have knowledge and expertise, instead of shouting rounds sometimes persist in politics,” he said.

It is expected that in the future, the rate can go into more critical issues, such as the opening of government censorship and better analysis of each country.

Link: Web Index 2012 [PDF]

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