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Posted by on Aug 20, 2012 in Hardware News |

Synaptics debuts new trackpad that detects pressure

Synaptics debuts new trackpad that detects pressure

is a company responsible for developing solutions for interaction between computers and people, being their most popular products related to or touch surfaces to move the cursor. In this is that now they have released their new product called technology that adds support for the pressure, giving a new dimension to this kind of instruction.

The concept is simple: this surface captures the force that is pushing, recognizing up to 1Kg margins precisely, to tell the software where the finger is being supported more strongly and how. Reportedly, this will serve to add new forms of interaction due to the introduction of the new instruction.

For example, we see that with two fingers on the trackpad, pressing stronger one occurs a shift to that side, without dragging. But in reality the possibilities are many, and that is why software developers will be responsible for taking advantage of new powers that will be available on laptops with a trackpad ForcePad.

The product is the actual physical trackpad drivers and Synaptics. On the former, it is said that besides the novelty already described, this is achieved in a thickness of 3mm, ie 40% lower than conventional solutions, together with the support multitouch five fingers simultaneously.

To better understand the company left a couple of videos explaining intuitive technology, will surely be adopted quickly by many different manufacturers of laptops around the world. You can see them by clicking here and here .

Link: Synaptics ForcePad AIMS to Improve laptop trackpads (Slashgear)

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