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Posted by on Aug 20, 2012 in Hardware News |

Synaptics enters the market with an offer keyboards ultra-thin

Synaptics enters the market with an offer keyboards ultra-thin

Format of a standard notebook against ThinTouch.

Earlier today, announced the arrival of your product ForecePad : a pressure-sensitive trackpad. Now, being released in this area, the company revealed the ThinTouch, a new technology for that brings several innovations, being very important to have achieved a 50% more than conventional keyboards thinness.

The idea behind is support having touch, which replaces a mechanical sensor, this without losing the sensation of pressing a real key element of vital importance to users, in a world where even tactile keyboards not entirely convincing. To achieve the same sense, replaced 100% vertical movement of the key down by one diagonal, so that the button be pressed that travels the same distance downwards, but to the side, so that the space used vertically is smaller.

Furthermore, the absence of a mechanical sensor of the key down allows better backlighting, together with opening new possibilities to use thanks to the capacitive sensor, for example, detecting when hands are on the keyboard to turn the trackpad. The 50% reduction in thickness can also create slimmer laptops, or with more space for battery, better cooling system, etc..

Link: Synaptics ThinTouch: Bringing the Revolution to Capacitive Touch Mechanical Keyboards (AnandTech)

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