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Posted by on Jul 10, 2013 in Science |

T8: A spider robot with actual aesthetic made 3D printer

T8: A spider robot with actual aesthetic made 3D printer

Spiders are one of the most intriguing of the animal world, not only for its appearance but for their skills, many of which are still unknown.

That threatened species profile and powerful has inspired the world of to design hundreds of prototypes to build on its strengths, some of which met in recent years, as the of the Fraunhofer Institute and the Hex-Piderix Mexican student IPN .

On this occasion, the T8 is a combination of two high-growth technologies today, robotics and modeling for 3D printers. This octopod robot kinematics system has registered with the name of Bigfoot, and covered with printed armor 3D high resolution, all pushed with 26 engines, 3 in each of its 8 legs and 2 in the abdomen.

Its creators, the company , prototyping is characterized by multiple bio-inspired and legs, and if that does not focus on a business, do not understand what it is. His greatest achievement is Bigfoot, the inverse kinematics engine that handles focus all automation information theory and complex mathematical calculations necessary to prevent this arachnid will stumble, so to let who will command, only the task to worry about what you want to make your robot.

The aim of this company is to offer a product that suits any user without a learning curve complex, but the complexity is within the design and performance of the robot.

T8 addition, the creators have a design called “iitsii” a hexapod that has the same casing that his brother eight legs, allowing you to show Bigfoot system operation more clearly.

What functions could have a robot model as T8 in the real world? Espionage?, Display high spots or danger to living beings, detective husbands?

Link: T8, a 3D printed octopod robot that looks like a spider (Laughing Squid)

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