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Posted by on Jun 7, 2012 in Venture |

Taringa evaluates moving to Silicon Valley

Taringa evaluates moving to Silicon Valley

Hernan Botbol, one of the creators of Taringa!, Said in an interview with Information Technology that are evaluating moving his company from Buenos Aires to to grow the community of the site, which currently reaches 70 million unique visitors monthly.

Botbol traveled in October to probe ground in the U.S., where it apparently had contact with other entrepreneurs. “We want to expand. Much of what we do need to do from the U.S.. is not the best country in terms of advertising investment. Compared with other regions, the values are much lower, “he said.

“There is much in what is contacts and teams that are working best in Silicon Valley, here we are in the ass in the world to some extent. The base in Argentina will remain for a long time, mainly want back office trade and development issues. That takes money, contacts and people, “said Botbol.

The plan is to convert Rapidshare “a social network content.” As he explains, “you have Instagram for photos, Reddit and 9gag of humor, among others. We saw that there is no crossing at all. To what friends are solved, and the answer is Facebook. But not content, we believe we can get there. The idea is to unify in Taringa. “

Regarding claims, which are on the verge of a trial with his brother Matthew and his partner Alberto Nakayama, Hernan indicates that it is an “image problem legally.”

“Google has 300 trials in Argentina and when someone thinks Google is not associated with the trials. That’s because they know how to handle the image, “he says. “If Taringa had been in the U.S., do not say we did not have trials, but had not been for that,” he said.

Link: Hernan Botbol Taringa!: “Being in Silicon Valley is our roof Facebook” (Information Technology)

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