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Posted by on May 15, 2012 in Internet |

Taringa owners will go to trial

The legal status of Taringa could be resolved shortly, after the prosecutor asked Felisa Krasucki to conduct a public trial the brothers hernan and Matthias Botbol and Alberto Nakayama, owners of Taringa, at the conclusion of the investigation of the cases pending against.

The three are accused of facilitating the discharge of 29 legal works and 12 computer books, plus music files that are protected by copyright. For this could be sentenced to 6 years in prison.

In March, Taringa reached an agreement with the Argentina Book Chamber , with which the publishers withdrew their claim in court. The defense of the founders of the site is that shared files are not stored on the servers, and that is the users who post links to copyrighted content.

The argument was not well received by the Criminal Appeals, which said that “while the perpetrators who would eventually rose to the work site and that ‘down’, the truth is that the meeting between the two is due to the Use of this site, and its participants responsible for at least necessary for the maneuver and clear well aware of its illegality. “

The court also noted that the owners of Taringa get “a massive influx of users through which people perceive a financial gain from the sale of advertising.”

This was the first time discussed the issue of copyright and file sharing in a trial in Argentina.

Link: They ask for trial to the owners of Taringa (The Nation)

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