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Posted by on Dec 10, 2012 in Science |

TED community warns pseudoscientific TEDx talks like Valencia

TED community warns pseudoscientific TEDx talks like Valencia

Given the worldwide success of the TED talks , which stands for “Technology, Entertainment and Design”, began to make the organization independent events, but licensed and validated by it, under the name TEDx (such as those in Buenos Aires and Santiago ), which are already talks about 21,000 and 5,000 events.

The problem is that the organization receiving lately found many reviews for the quality of the topics and speakers of these talks, especially for a recently held in Valencia, called TEDxVLCWomen , which promoted crystal therapy, homeopathy, aromatherapy Egyptian psycho , mind control, and a series of pseudoscientific subjects.

Because of this, the director of TEDx, Lara Stein, and the editor of, Emily McManus, published a letter to the TEDx community issues warning on junk science, and that is sufficient reason to revoke the license “It’s our job, even before scheduling a speaker, to revise and reject pseudoscience, bad and health fraud . “

While TEDx events are licensed to use the brand, they are not produced or organized-speakers nor its people banned-by TED, which has caused such problems whose consequences “are not trivial. For example, although was determined last year that the intention to associate Andrew Wakefield autism to vaccines was cheating during the investigation million children were vaccinated which caused exposed to serious diseases.

The letter also recommends a number of tips to spot pseudoscience, and while it indicates no taboo subjects, warns that there are topics that attract many pseudo-scientists as being for or against GM food use to treat autism, healing therapies, neuroscience of ‘whatever’, the fusion of science and spirituality, or free energy.

Link: Pseudoscience TEDx Saps Power of the Brand (Wired)

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