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Televisa lobbied to block TV channels in Mexico Axtel advertising

Televisa lobbied to block TV channels in Mexico Axtel advertising

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could get in trouble again after revelations that lobbied for several television to internet service . A source close to the station revealed to Grupo Reforma chains like AXN, A & E, Warner, MTV and VH1 Axtel blocked advertising as it competes directly with the services offered by Televisa.

According to the document submitted, of the seven chains that signed the advertising contract Axtel X-Tremo (internet service Axtel), Fox only respected the established dates. The chains were involved multiple excuses to withdraw advertising, some argued that risked “air out” if they did.

In the case of Viacom, which owns MTV and VH1 reported Axtel informed him that they would withdraw their advertising pressures channels cable operators. A & E and History Channel said there was a restriction clause not to advertise products that compete with internet services, cable telephony and provides the operator.

The contract included the Axtel advertising May 16 to July 7 on networks such as VH1 or MTV do not even turned one month. While some reported Axtel why they withdrew the ads, Sony chose to argue “internal policies and confidential” but then ordered them from the U.S. that reestablished advertising.

This Televisa is again in the eye of the hurricane. The company, which owns 70% of the pay TV market in Mexico, could face a lawsuit for anticompetitive practices. This blocking is not the first, and in 2010 there was a similar case with Axtel and Telmex generating discontent former richest man in the world .

Link: Accused Televisa block advertisements (Reform)

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