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Posted by on Jun 22, 2013 in Science |

Tesla Motors shows a system to change the batteries in your car in 90 seconds

Tesla Motors shows a system to change the batteries in your car in 90 seconds

The car maker 100% electric open for battery changes later this year located on routes ranging from Los Angeles to San Francisco and Boston Washinton broker. The idea is that with this current can offer their customers a dynamic option to recharge without wasting time while at the same time trying to convince the general public that the cars of the future are just electric.

The idea is that to reach one of these stations can quickly remove the battery if car power almost, to one that is fully charged, thus not waste time waiting for charging them.

Battery replacement would cost between USD $ 60 and USD $ 80, equivalent to fuel a car get 15 gallons (about 56 liters). Additionally, drivers who decide to opt for making the change must go to collect your original battery on the way back or pay a difference with the new package.

During the demonstration became an executive of Tesla could replace two battery packs Tesla S at the same time it filled the gas tank (about 4 minutes). Each of the stations will cost half a million dollars and will be placed next to the quick charging stations Tesla.

have struggled to achieve penetrate the automotive market due to its high cost and difficulty of representing recharge the batteries. With this type of Tesla shares shows it is possible to overcome the obstacles posed by this technology and succeed where others have not had.

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