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Posted by on Sep 27, 2012 in Hardware News |

Texas Instruments is beyond the mobile device market

Texas Instruments is beyond the mobile device market

Texas Instruments (TI) is one of the designers of internal hardware platforms for most popular mobile devices, with products such as series that give life to Kindle Fire HD tablets and HD Barnes & Noble Nook, which have gained acceptance in the public.

Despite this, the company recently said will refocus its efforts, pointing to market of embedded systems, such as those seen in the automotive industry. “We believe that chance (mobile) is less attractive as we move forward,” said a company spokesperson. This will mean a departure from the category of mobile devices, without a doubt.

These problems to “move” indicate that IT yields to competition, where Qualcomm has taken the market by surprise, with Samsung being a giant that has great coffers of money to invest in development and finally Apple chip from Apple A6 already “doing at home” platforms that require the iPod Touch, iPad and iPhone, kings mobile market.

Thus, IT wants to go for a new niche as they themselves admit, have lower growth in the short term but offer long-term economic stability. Investors were not convinced that promise, and then given to the news, the value of the shares of the company fell 3% to USD $27.83 on the NASDAQ.

Link: IT to shift from mobile to embedded market SOCs (Electronista)

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