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Posted by on Dec 30, 2012 in Science |

The 10 things that a city must have technological

The 10 things that a city must have technological

Benicio Murray

Few things are as bad as going tight on the subway or having to stand without air around people on the bus, and that is because the city is overcrowded. But, can you imagine walking and have no space? As time passes, the number of people in the world grows every day, both in population and in poverty, wealth and education.

How often have we heard the term “developed country” or “developing country” and how do we become one? Well, here are 10 features that we would like to have a city to be smart, developed, efficient, and above all, useful. Can you think of anything else you’d like us to see in the cities? Make your suggestion in the comments.

  1. An application for smartphones (and their respective paper version) with information about museums, parks, galleries, restaurants and car traffic, with tips from citizens in order to help tourists.
  2. Real-time monitoring police to prevent crime. No need to wait for the police, but they should get ahead of the facts.
  3. Wi-Fi in public squares, subways and stations. It is always good to be connected wherever you are.
  4. Applying panic button and alert. The vast majority of mobile computers and smartphones have the “emergency call” but you must dial in order to do. In this case, it would be essential to have a special button that works are proximity sensors and alert the nearest authorities what is happening so they can come to the rescue.
  5. Charging stations, and I refieron load of passengers or benzine, but moving load. Often cell battery which should not last, and even if you are using the charger, no plug (one of the worst situations that can be), therefore, it is necessary to have some help static, it is always for when we need it.
  6. Bike-sharing programs and parking for them. It may sound crazy, but in some U.S. cities as Los Angeles and New York, there are programs that allow people to share bikes when riding in a hurry or when they need transportation.
  7. Ride-Sharing or carpool. If four people from the same household will be one place, why go in separate cars? Benzene’s save and protect the environment!
  8. Mobile Payments. Not only access from mobile phones to make payments but make them directly from them. This would be possible if the NFC were more developed and if the massiveness of the teams had the chip. Something like Google Wallet.
  9. Application for parking. Location of voids or simply where there are places to park nearby.
  10. High-tech systems for waste management. Urban garbage disposers where people throw deposits and these are recycled, so classifiers plastic materials, glass and paper.

What other feature you would add?

Link: 25 Technologies Every Smart City Should Have (Mashable)

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