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Posted by on Aug 24, 2012 in Uncategorized |

The 15 measures it would take if it were to Kim Dotcom U.S. Presidency

The 15 measures it would take if it were to Kim Dotcom U.S. Presidency

As it’s Friday and we like to close the week with a curious story, let’s take a look at the first steps it would take Kim Dotcom, the controversial founder of Megaupload, should reach the White House.

Far from what we can imagine, the German computer not focus 100% of its plan to boost or Internet technology: Dotcom TorrentFreak revealed what would be their main actions following a hypothetical arrival to the presidency.

Here the 15 points that summarize your proposal:

  1. Stop all wars in which the United States is involved in both offline and online.
  2. Making Peace and negotiate diplomatic agreements with all the ‘enemies’.
  3. Stop interfering in the affairs of other nations, unless they ask for help.
  4. Stop supporting Israel’s aggression in Palestine and its other neighbors.
  5. Cut military spending to the minimum required for a defense force.
  6. Use what you save in military spending and other cuts to balance the budget.
  7. Stop sending trash to Mars and instead cure diseases on Earth.
  8. Seek alternative sources of energy and set other energy strategies.
  9. Keep the Internet open and free of censorship and stop spying on citizens.
  10. Making political donations are illegal and fund political campaigns with tax.
  11. Increase taxes on higher-income citizens and reduce those with lower incomes.
  12. Increase the number of classrooms and teachers, and pay more to teachers who have better outcomes.
  13. Reforming the justice and prison systems to reduce the number of prisoners.
  14. Protecting the environment and stop unnecessary pollution.
  15. Solve all other problems.

Clearly the interview and the proposal itself is an act of sheer fun: Dotcom as German can not be a candidate for President of the United States … But that helps us imagine what would happen if these characters so popular and controversial career will be encouraged to policy. Can you imagine Dotcom German head of government, or Assange doing the same in Australia? Sure, in the case of Wikileaks founder if not diplomatic Ecuador named before, which is one of the possibilities for out of London …

Now, assuming that Dotcom could aspire to the White House, and you pudieses vote for him: Did you believe his “program” of government?

Link: Kim Dotcom: If I Was President of the United States … (TorrentFreak)

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