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Posted by on Dec 5, 2012 in Hardware News |

The 4.69% of Steam users use Windows 8

The 4.69% of Steam users use Windows 8

Praised by some for its fast startup time, shutdown and performance, but adiado by others for his new home screen, the new 8 has achieved in his first month to sell 40 million licenses and achieving a market share of 1.09% in the operating system market .

From Darkvision Hardware inform us that while for now has a of 1.09% in the operating system market, which represents both home and business users and gamer, its popularity is somewhat higher among gamer, the least among gamers community, where the new Microsoft operating system enjoys a market share of 4.69%.

Windows 8 in 64-bit version is used by 4.25% of Steam users, while Windows 8 in 32-bit version is used by just 0.44%, both versions are very close to matching their versions share counterparts in Windows Vista, which is a significant achievement for the new operating system from Microsoft, considering its short existence.

Link: 4.69 percent of Steam users run Windows 8 (Darkvision Hardware)

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