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Posted by on Oct 19, 2012 in Entertainment |

The 4K resolution TVs are promoted as “Ultra HD”


4k TV will no longer be called “4K” for much longer, because in addition to the official coming International Telecommunication Union (ITU) , the UN-dependent now Consumer Electronics Association (CEA its acronym in English) has announced that it will be officially recognized as 4K Ultra High-Definition, or “Ultra HD”.

So, as far reaching televisions 1080p resolution are touted as ‘Full HD’, when retail stores promote their 4K TVs will use it under the “Ultra HD”.

That if, for advertisers to promote their products under that name, the CEA will require that the TV has at least one input capable of transmitting a native 4K video without scaling the image, so that the screens must be at least 8 million active pixels with 3,840 pixels horizontal and 2,160 pixels vertical minimum.

Link: 4K is now ‘Ultra High-Definition,’ According To the Consumer Electronics Association (The Verge)

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