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Posted by on Sep 19, 2012 in Entertainment |

The 6 best movies for geeks who may not know

The 6 best movies for geeks who may not know

We all know for a geek emblematic films like Matrix, Shawn of the dead, Starshin Troopers, Pirates of Silicon Valley or the works of Monty Python, but we think the films on this list deserve more recognition. Our six suggestions for different genres are not pigeonholed in cliches, which is never healthy.

Primer (2004) Shane Carruth of

Science Fiction. Practically made with bread again (its budget was U.S. $ 7,000), and tells the story of a group of four engineers working on a project in parallel with its work, and that should work, promises to change the fate of humanity. The narrative is at times so complex that (spoiler alert) one can use this infographic from Wikipedia to better understand the film.

Triangle (2009), by Christopher Smith

Terror. If dizzy with First, one can enjoy the Triangle, another small film with a very interesting story and apparently linear which tells the story of a group of friends who are shipwrecked on his sailboat when sailing through the Bermuda Triangle. In desperation by drifting encounter a mysterious abandoned ship full of secrets.

Sneakers (1992), Phil Alden Robinson

Thriller. Ribbon with a star cast led by Robert Redford, who were sum Sidney Poitier, Dan Aykroyd, River Phoenix and Ben Kingsley, and tells the story of an old computer hackers who are contacted by an agency of the U.S. government for a dangerous mission. The film is one of the first examples of techno-thriller that sought to take seriously the device called ‘computer’.

The Raid (2011), Gareth Evans

Action. One might consider it the best film of a game that is not really based on a video game. It was recorded in Indonesia and little character development is irrelevant to a brutal ballet of violence as never lower their revolutions throughout the film, neither does matter. Far, one of the best action films in recent decades.

The King of Kong: A Fistful of Quarters (2007), Seth Gordon

Documentary. It tells the story of two best Donkey Kong players in the United States: Billy Mitchell, who also have 20-year record of the game, was also the first person to reach a perfect game of Pac-Man (when you reach the maximum possible score the first 255 levels without losing a life. took six hours), and the young challenger who seeks to take his degree, Steve Wiebe.

God bless America (2011), of Bobcat Goldthwait

Comedy. Do you think modern society overvalues those rude characters of show whose only skill is to cultivate your body? If so, black humor (very black) of this film is ideal for you because it tells the story of a regular guy who is diagnosed with a terminal illness and you are fired from your job.

To his anguish against the decadence of society, decides to take a gun to solve problems in their own way (and yes, the director is crazy and loud gang of former police Locademia , Bobcat Goldthwait).

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