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Posted by on Nov 26, 2012 in Software |

The “almost” hidden start menu in Windows 8

When we saw this, we thought it was so amazing that it deserved its own post. It’s something I am sure many of you already know, but I bet, and we are quite sure that at least 99% of users of 8 does not know. We did not know … We speak of an “almost” for in Desktop view, put there by down voluntarily and without installing any external program.

How is invoked? Just put the mouse in the lower left and right click. The occupying Windows 8 and just do it, you know what we mean. For the rest, it remains to tell you that this action displays a shortcut menu with many of the elements that appeared in the classic Start menu in Windows, before being removed by the company when it was “eight” and its new GUI .

Most configuration options are, with links to the programs installed, power management settings and device manager. In another section of the same menu you can access the Task Manager, Control Panel, File Explorer and search boxes and Run, as in the old start menu.

Link: How to summon Windows 8 Start Menu’s secret of sorts (The Next Web)

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