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Posted by on Oct 5, 2012 in Software |

The app store for Windows 8 already has 3610 titles

The app store for Windows 8 already has 3610 titles

We are within 21 days of the official release of Windows 8 operating system , which has now been made available for free for users to try it out and pitch, the platform matures a bit before leaving the wide world. Within this maturation must consider the number of Applications that will be available to the Modern UI UI, great novelty in that provides system management via touch gestures and simplified design.

According to reports, to date there are 3610 Modern UI applications, of which 88% can be obtained for free. It should be mentioned that the figure varies depending on the country in which we, as not all content is accessible worldwide. In practice, in the United States where you can download more tools, with 2420, of which 20% were games.

As it works on mobile phones and tablets, Modern UI accepts applications developed specifically for that environment, by combining them under the Windows Store, Play like an Android or any Apple Store. It’s the same concept, and in that sense, it is assessing the number of titles that have been developed by others for Windows 8.

In addition, is also working to improve the quality of the that come pre-installed at the factory, which will be updated from tomorrow and over the course of weeks until 26 October, adding many features and correcting problems in Mail, Photos, Calendar, Messages, SkyDrive, People, Maps, News, Sports, Travel, Weather, Videos, Music and Games.

So then prepares the environment prior to release Modern UI windows 8, with independent development efforts to increase the number of applications and Microsoft, improving their own. Remember that outside Modern UI, the user can still take all classical programs Windows 7 and earlier versions when in Desktop mode.

Link: Microsoft announces updates for Windows 8 built-in apps, just in time for October 26th launch (Engadget)

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