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Posted by on Nov 7, 2012 in Hardware |

The Belkin U.S. anticipates competition and accessories launches official Lightning

The Belkin U.S. anticipates competition and accessories launches official Lightning

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One of the biggest changes consumers criticized for was definitely changing connector by new technology, which not only breached the agreement he signed in Europe to standardize microUSB connectors but also, despite providing a Best performance in a very small space, became the billion potting brand accessories, at least until an adapter, and literal garbage to millions of other adapters for other brands of equipment.

Apple has a very strict policy on the licensing of its products and accessories, which often leads to some third-party products suffer delays in going outside. In addition, this bucket of cold water for manufacturers not only harms production of Accessories but forces them to obtain a license to manufacture since Lightning has an authentication unit that prevents unauthorized connecting cables.

The American firm accessories winner seems to have opted to launch anticipation battery connector peripherals Lightning, which surely will have a high level of acceptance with sales reports of new iPad mini, iPad and 4th generation younger brothers iPod Touch and Nano.

Among the most prominent are synchronizers chargers and car chargers and table. These and other accessories of the brand will begin to be available from this month in the United States at prices that start at $ 30, a value accessible if additional cost brings the window to throw our old and obsolete accessories.

Link: Belkin Apple Becomes first official partner to launch Lightning-enabled accessories (The Next Web)

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