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Posted by on Jun 4, 2012 in Social Networks |

The best way to use LinkedIn to find work

The best way to use LinkedIn to find work

If we think of a social network related to the world of work, sure is the first option that comes to mind. And maybe that’s why the Centro de Estudios Financieros (CEF) gives some importance in the seminars he has done on how important they may be social networks in finding employment.

Why is becoming more important LinkedIn? According to social media expert Marta Blasco, for business is an option that only costs them, they may communicate directly with professionals and they have the ability to view their resumes updated.

Being in a social network of these features comes in handy for those seeking work, but also to those seeking new opportunities. What better way to advertise to put a link on our mail signature LinkedIn profile updated with our latest projects?

From the and also from Socialmedia, offer a few tips to take advantage of the benefits of LinkedIn to find work.

- Caring for the image we have in LinkedIn. So you better have the profile and a fairly complete picture causes impression. What can we put in the profile? Recommend that we speak rather of the results and achievements rather than duties and tasks.

I understand that it is important to note that you get to develop your work and showing your skills to make a long list of all the tasks you perform on the job. Resultaremos most original and highlight the rest.

Another thing that today we have to take into account the number of users in this network is: Make it easier for companies to find us. So special care is recommended when posting on the attitudes and specialties. We use keywords.

More on Image: Care in general all our interventions on the Internet, in forums, chats, social networks, blogs … everything is recorded on the Web only have to write their names … everything goes. So say that Facebook is better make it private for friends and family.

- Ensure the contacts are made, appropriate to the profile and our needs, not to make contacts. The truth is that this is always recommended for nearly all social networks … This must be especially careful because companies looking for a candidate they can judge the type of contacts you have. So too, it is important to join professional groups and share information. It’s the best way to be updated.

Try to be different from the rest in the presentation: therefore advised to use applications that LinkedIn makes available to its users: Slideshare, WordPress, Box.Net … And also upload documents in different formats: PowerPoint, Podcast, Video.

I think not a matter of loading the page, but choose the more convenient functions. What needs to be updated after all! Add also to differentiate themselves, the use of computer graphics, an option that is not yet widespread and used to display information that is understood in more exciting and fast. For example, offers the possibility for users to turn your LinkedIn profile on a computer graphics.

References to other LinkedIn users also make a difference. And I would add that as in any other way, if clients and previous employers or relevant people in our area, the better.

Note: If you are looking for new opportunities, but we are already working, it’s best to change the configuration of LinkedIn: Obviously if your company discovers that you are trying to find another job, not going to like. So I recommend caution with the feed activity, dissemination of your activity and access to your contacts.

Well, we know more about how to make this social network product.

10 keys to use Linkedin to find employment (Center for Financial Studies)
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