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Posted by on Jun 5, 2012 in Internet |

The BitTorrent site oldest in the world closes its doors

The BitTorrent site oldest in the world closes its doors

filesoup site was created by two Britons who jumped to fame in 2009 for being detained by UK police on charges of the Federation of Copyright Theft (FACT) to violate copyright.

Until that time was one of the largest link exchange sites download in the UK. But the story began in 2003, when he was born Filesoup, just two years after the American programmer Bram Cohen designed the protocol BitTorrent.

In its period of greatest success had more than 1 million registered users who entered the place almost entirely on a daily basis. Although after a couple of years dismissed the charges against the site’s creators, the exodus was inevitable, and between 2009 (year of the arrest of “The Geeker”, owner of site) and 2011, were barely a dozen thousands of users.

When Filesoup began offering links there were no Pirate Bay, Torrentz and isoHunt, so largely owe him a lot of culture to share links and content.

Perhaps Filesoup successfully demonstrated before the court was not guilty of what she was charged, but the stressful process to clean up its image lived ravaged community.

According to the words of “The Geeker”, “the glory days are past. When my house was raided for almost 3 years, there was a mass exodus and since then the interest Filesoup a seriously diminished, which for me has been a very sad experience. “

What stands out and proud to “The Geeker” on this first experience is that, unlike the thousands of BitTorrent sites more popular than them, Filesoup the community was more important than anything else.

Finally, he said the database contents and users is not for sale, but the domains were put on auction Filesoup for those wishing to “buy a piece of history of BitTorrent.”

Link: World’s oldest bittorrent site shut down (TorrentFreak)

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