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Posted by on Jun 21, 2012 in Internet |

The case of Karen Klein and reaction to bullying on the Internet

cases go to the agenda and seem to affect not only the children as people think. One of these exceptions has to do with the story of Karen Klein, an official school bus that was verbally attacked by a group of students. Klein was a bus driver for 20 years and in the last three takes care that children do dangerous things along the way.

Within all the bad words that fell victim, as smooth as it was “ugly”, “fat” and “stupid.” Violence was not there and even received threats saying they were going to urinate until the door of his house. But that was not what most struck Karen, but the words of a teenager who said he was so ugly that if I had a child this would kill to have a mother like that. Karen had a son who had killed himself.

“I sat down and put up with until they got off the bus. I tried to block them, I turned and looked out the window, thinking, ‘maybe it will go,’ “Karen said in an interview .

The case became known through a video that one of the passengers of the bus recorded and subsequently rose to Facebook, where someone took it and uploaded it to to show the rest of the level of violence of the act.

The clip became a viral until it fell in the eyes of Canadian Max Sidorov, a redditor who launched a fundraising campaign to give Karen a vacation and to achieve a while to forget this bad moment.

The campaign was more successful than expected and managed to collect over $ 21 thousand in IndieGoGo , more than Karen would win in a year of work. Donations increased every second by Sidorov while trying to communicate with this woman or with a family to send him to the last weight that comes together for this cause.

Moreover, both the school bus company and the school are investigating the fact that each pay teenagers who participated in this act of violence receive the punishment it deserves, in addition to this case make clear to their parents. Police are also investigating, which could result in a higher penalty. Karen said simply that he would like an apology.

While the initiative launched in Reddit is positive, the fact has also raised a number of comments equally violent against the boys, giving blows and revenge. YouTube comments were closed because of this.

Here we leave the video to appreciate the level of violence that attacked Karen.

Lets give Karen – the bus monitor – H. Klein vacation! (IndieGoGo)
Call to Arms. Please Read (Reddit)
Karen Klein: Supporters donate for school bus monitor Thousands harassed by kids (Metro New York)

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