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Posted by on Nov 20, 2012 in Social Networks |

The Country asks its journalists to betray fellow newspaper critical of the social networks

The Country asks its journalists to betray fellow newspaper critical of the social networks

Journalists of the newspaper El PaiĀ­s posing in Madrid offices. photo:

Following the massive that occurred in the Spanish media last week, its directors appealed to mitigate the of social media image caused by the decision to clean the company, requiring employees to inform on peer reviews on and .

Barbara Manrique de Lara, Director of Communications, Marketing and Institutional Relations of Grupo Prisa, which owns the newspaper, reporters asked plant and several of those dismissed, conforming to the rules of the Code of Conduct in the Web 2.0, the which is mandatory.

According Manrique de Lara, “we do not seek to limit workers using blogs and social networks, but to promote their use, but without losing sight of common sense” in a letter he sent to various environmental journalists.

The directive calls for not only denounce all kinds of crisis situations that may be causing mass layoffs, and affecting the image or reputation of the newspaper, but also inform those responsible for these messages, partners or former partners.

The section of the web 2.0 Code of Conduct states that “any employee who becomes aware of a crisis in social media should immediately notify your manager and Local Dircom providing, if possible, capture images or messages under crisis “.

The motivation for environmental managers make this warning is related to the dissemination of thousands of professionals redundant messages, some with 30 years old in the middle, through hashtags like # and # ElPais129despidos NoalEREenElPais criticizing emptying media.

However, this directive requires betraying content generators affecting the environment is not new. During 2011, Prisa managers have tried to incorporate the concept of “social media informer” the collective bargaining agreement, so that both action who fails to report as who execute could be achieved by some kind of sanction labor. This initiative was rejected by the committee of the company.

Link: Hurry up and implement the country want denunciation of Internet activities (

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