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Posted by on Aug 6, 2012 in Science |

The Curiosity is already on Mars

The Curiosity is already on Mars

Historic Day for space history! The Mission to determine whether there is life on Mars, has successfully fulfilled its first objective: The rover is already on the red planet.

An engineering feat, no doubt: It all happened just as the experts planned, the exact time and estimated the Curiosity came to the surface of to begin research that will develop over the next two years.

“I am whole and safe in the surface of Mars. Gale crater, here I am, “was the message sent by the rover from the red arrival confirming ne perfect condition, which served to trigger the conclusion between those responsible for meeting the mission control room at NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory in Pasadena, California.

The arrival of Curiosity Mars was followed live by millions of people around the world, which is connected to the Internet signal provided by NASA .

In addition to the confirmation message arrival, Curiosity, sent the first image from Mars: A photograph in black and white low quality, but that means a major breakthrough in technology, and that was shared with the world via Twitter official @MarsCuriosity , and that is accompanying this note.

Link: 6 things you should know about the rover Curiosity and his journey to Mars

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